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AMOOVO collaborates with   TRIODOS Bank to enable you to   finance the product* that provides   the perfect answers.

  *With AMOOFLEX lifetime program, our products are eligible to be financed by Triodos Bank as part of a long-term mortgage loan. 

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The AMOOVO technical team will install your PowerPack maximum 100 days after the order date. Tom' always stay in touch with you.

Triodos Bank, Green Banking for sustainable development

Amoovo collaborates with TRIODOS Bank to enable you to finance the battery that provides perfect answers. It is, therefore, reasonably, long-term financing that will most often be advised, which is, finally possible. Thanks to the extreme longevity of the batteries and the "All Risk" Lifetime insurance we offer.
Triodos Bank actively participate in slowing global warming by providing answers in the field of Energy.

By allowing you to finance future savings, the Bank protects itself from a payment default while carrying out a socially strong sustainable action, since by financing you a well-calibrated battery, your resources will not be engulfed in energy bills. The Bank actively participate in slowing global warming by providing answers in the field of energy independence.

Everything is paid for in life, it is therefore with your dedicated advisor, that you will build the battery that corresponds to your needs, but also your financial means. Amoovo will provide you with the best, but let's remain realistic, we cannot provide you with a Bentley for the price of a bicycle... It is therefore a battery, built on a standard model, but which we will equip with cells that meet your needs. Don't panic, we will find what will be "YOUR" EnergyPack, the one that will bring you happiness, savings, and Lifetime energy tranquility.

We strongly suggest that you initiate a Whatsapp conversation with Tom', this allows us to reduce the reaction time to its bare minimum and on the other hand, Tom' will share photos, and technical documents, which will quickly bring you valuable information.



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You are welcome, Tom' want to hear from you carefully, tell him your story, your situation, your dream. Don't worry if you don't know anything about green energies or electricity. If you are wondering if you should take other initiatives before thinking about energy storage, Tom' knows how to guide you, he will be happy to share comprehensive information.

Tom' will inform & connect you with your personal engineering advisor.  Together, they will help you define your goals, choose the right technology and size your EnergyPack. 

Order before june 2024, and you will receive a free extended full-service of 5 years.

AMOOFLEX lifetime warranty certificate.


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