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Welcome to the presentation of AMOOVO, the innovative solution for domestic & Industries electricity storage designed to meet your energy needs. Our flagship product is the "AMOOVO Home Electricity Storage Battery," equipped with the "Master Box," a revolutionary immersion cooling technology for efficient energy management.

Our Mission,
We help homeowners and businesses achieve total energy security and independence from rising energy costs through advanced smart energy technology. To achieve the objectives, we have developed an immersive isothermal battery technology whose main advantages are a constant maintenance of the cells at an ideal temperature, whatever the environment, as well as a number of cycles greater than 50,000.We offer hybrid batteries made up of 4 families of cells, each meeting specific needs. 

The most efficient cell, which we offer, is also the most ecological cell of all the cells on the market. No cobalt, no copper, no graphite & less than 5% lithium. Aqueous treatment for ecological recycling, No risk of fire or explosion, whether by crushing, perforation, or during recycling.
Today we can, in all modesty, talk about a generation of batteries that last a lifetime.

Welcome to AMOOVO, your destination for sustainable and innovative energy. We are proud to introduce our range of immersion batteries, offering revolutionary energy storage solutions for everyone.For individuals, our cutting-edge technology offers "kilowatt" cell immersion batteries, allowing you to manage your energy more efficiently than ever. For industry, we offer "megawatt" cell immersion batteries, designed to meet the most demanding energy needs. And for communities, our sand-based terrawatt battery offers a game-changing sustainable storage solution.

The key element of our innovation is sand, an abundant and ecological resource which forms the heart of our ultra-durable batteries. 

At AMOOVO, we are committed to shaping a cleaner, more efficient future for everyone. In addition, our batteries are guaranteed for life when you subscribe to the AMOOFLEX program, giving you peace of mind and continuous access to the energy you need.

Join the energy revolution with AMOOVO. Discover our products today and take a step towards a more sustainable and energy-smart future." 

How does the battery work?
AMOOVO batteries are made up of packs powered by 48Volts for families & 800Volts for Industries. The first pack will always be a MASTER pack. You have the choice between a wall installation or an installation in a rack intended 2X16Kw packs. The cumulative power will depend on the cell technology for which you have opted, the number of packs and the voltage sought, high voltage for example. Each type of cell has its advantages and its small disadvantages, nothing is perfect, but by mixing the families of cells you will obtain a hybrid compromise. Understand “the advantages without the disadvantages”. Certain types of cells, in small numbers, have the property of prolonging the life of other groups of cells. The cells that support the highest peaks are the cells that have the lowest energy density, but they have an incredibly high number of cycles, which allows them to be used in small numbers to absorb the peaks of recharging/discharging, and by snowball effect, greatly relieve the most sensitive cells that are installed in large majority in your pack. This results in increased longevity.

The MASTER pack is already equipped to manage packs, which will allow you to scale your installation very economically up to 64 packs. There is no power limit, in fact, several parallel installations are possible. AMOOVO went even further by integrating the most compact three-phase industrial inverter on the market supplied by the Belgian company which had won the international competition organized by Google. 

The “Google Little Box Challenge” allowed the industry to reinvent its model from scratch. So it is the best that we have built into the heart of the battery.


1/ The AMOOVO Home Electricity Storage Battery:

Basic Capacity: The core of the AMOOVO battery is capable of storing up to 32 kilowatts (kW) of electricity. This generous capacity allows for storing energy generated from renewable sources like solar panels or wind turbines for later use.

Cell Immersion: Cell immersion storage technology is at the heart of our product. The battery cells are immersed within a waterproof stainless steel (inox) casing. This ensures increased safety and exceptional durability while maintaining optimal battery performance.

The AMOOVO "Master Box":

Centralized Management: The "Master Box" serves as the brain of our domestic electricity storage system. It can manage up to 32 individual boxes, providing the flexibility to tailor storage capacity to your specific needs. Centralized management allows for more efficient use of stored energy and better electricity distribution within your home.

Intelligent Monitoring: The "Master Box" is equipped with real-time intelligent monitoring. It monitors the charge, discharge, and capacity of each individual box, allowing you to maximize the efficiency of your storage system while extending the battery's lifespan.

Advanced Connectivity: Thanks to advanced connectivity features, you can monitor and control your AMOOVO electricity storage system from your smartphone or computer, giving you complete control over your energy consumption.

In summary, the AMOOVO Home Electricity Storage Battery, with its 32 kW basic capacity, stainless steel cell immersion technology, and intelligent "Master Box" management, is the ideal solution for storing, managing, and optimizing your domestic energy efficiently and sustainably. It allows you to reduce your carbon footprint, save on your electricity bill, and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

The "Slave Boxes," also known as "slave units," are devices that offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for various applications. These devices are designed to be used in conjunction with a main or master unit, providing a more affordable alternative to standalone systems. With their simplicity and connectivity-oriented design, "Slave Boxes" are particularly suitable for specific tasks where a more expensive main unit is not required.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the batteries come with an included maintenance subscription, providing long-term peace of mind to users. This lifetime warranty ensures that the battery remains in good working condition throughout the device's lifespan, further reducing maintenance costs and offering a cost-effective long-term solution for users.



Revolutionizing Electricity Storage with Immersion Cooling**

Electricity storage is a key component in the transition to renewable energy sources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In this quest, the AMOOVO tower emerges as an innovative and comprehensive solution to meet large-scale electricity storage needs. It combines impressive storage capacity with an immersion cooling system, making it an exceptional option. Here are some of its key advantages.

1. **Impressive Storage Capacity**: The AMOOVO tower offers a storage capacity of 1 megawatt, allowing it to store substantial amounts of electricity. It can meet the growing demand for energy, thus helping to reduce electricity losses during transmission.

2. **Immersion Cooling**: Thanks to the immersion cooling of the cells, each tower compartment is isothermal, effectively preventing cell overheating. This allows the AMOOVO tower to withstand varying environmental conditions, including high temperatures, while maintaining optimal performance.

3. **Operational Versatility**: The AMOOVO tower can be used in a versatile manner, whether for storing intermittent solar or wind energy, stabilizing the electrical grid, or providing backup power during outages. Its versatility enhances grid reliability.

4. **Environmental Sustainability**: The design of the AMOOVO tower is environmentally friendly, with efficient cooling to prevent overheating and reduce environmental impact. It contributes to carbon emission reduction and preserves air quality.

5. **Low Operating Costs**: The simplicity of the AMOOVO tower's design translates into affordable operating costs. This makes it an economically viable option for businesses and electrical grid operators.

6. **Compact Footprint**: The AMOOVO tower's impressive 1-megawatt capacity is accompanied by a remarkably compact footprint, occupying less than 1.5 square meters (approximately 16 square feet) of ground space.

7. **Longevity and Durability with Stainless Steel Construction**: The robustness of the AMOOVO tower is further enhanced by the fact that its storage compartments are constructed from stainless steel (inox). This stainless steel construction not only ensures a long operational life but also adds durability by enhancing resistance to corrosion and wear. This feature makes the AMOOVO tower even more reliable for long-term investors.

8. **Energy Resilience**: By reliably storing large quantities of electricity, the AMOOVO tower enhances the resilience of energy infrastructure in the face of natural disasters or emergency situations. It can provide a stable energy source when other sources are unavailable.

In conclusion, the AMOOVO tower represents the future of electricity storage, combining exceptional capacity, immersion cooling, operational versatility, environmental sustainability, affordable operating costs, longevity, and a contribution to energy resilience. Its compact footprint makes it an ideal choice for locations with limited space. It is a comprehensive and efficient solution to meet the growing demand for electricity storage in today's world, while also contributing to the transition to cleaner and more reliable energy sources.

But why have everything mixed in a single unique pack?
By immersing the cells, inverters and all electronics, we were able to remove unnecessary boxes, heat sinks, fans. This is reflected in a considerable saving of space and a significant reduction in manufacturing costs. On the other hand, the heat generated is concentrated in a single pack. By channeling the heat through the fluid, it is possible to use this heat for a whole host of applications (HVAC ready). Each pack is fully insulated with the best industrial insulation. 

The internal temperature is stabilized at 23C°, regardless of the environment in which the battery is installed. And thus contribute to the reduction of global warming. If technically the needs justify the separation of the inverters and all the electronics from the battery pack, we have planned a more compact double pack. This allows a different physical configuration, but it will also allow the battery packs to be grafted onto your existing inverters without you having to purchase the pack containing our inverters. This is a point that will have to be clearly addressed with the technical team, before placing any order. Many variations are possible but not everything is technically always possible.



Welcome to the future of sustainable energy, where innovation meets environmental responsibility. At AMOOVO, we are proud to introduce you to our groundbreaking sand battery technology—a revolutionary energy storage solution that is set to transform the way we power our world.

**Our Vision**

At AMOOVO, our vision is simple yet profound: to create a sustainable future for generations to come. We believe that harnessing the power of nature's most abundant resource—sand—can redefine the way we think about energy storage. By developing cutting-edge sand battery technology, we are taking a giant leap towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable world.

**The Power of Sand**

Sand is one of the Earth's most abundant resources, found in abundance across deserts, beaches, and even in our own backyards. It's a material that has been used for centuries in various applications, but now, we're unlocking its hidden potential as an energy storage medium. Sand's unique properties, such as its thermal conductivity and low cost, make it an ideal candidate for storing and distributing energy.

**How Sand Battery Works**

Our sand battery technology is built on the principle of thermal energy storage. We use specially engineered sand particles that can store and release heat energy efficiently. Here's how it works:

1. **Charging**: During periods of excess energy production, such as sunny days or high wind, surplus electricity is used to heat the sand in our patented storage units. This process raises the temperature of the sand particles, effectively storing the energy in the form of heat.

2. **Energy Storage**: The heated sand retains this energy for extended periods without significant losses, making it an excellent long-term energy storage solution. This stored energy can then be tapped into when the demand for electricity is high, during peak hours or even at night.

3. **Release of Energy**: When electricity is needed, the heat from the sand is transferred to a fluid, which is then used to generate electricity through a thermal generator. This process allows us to provide a continuous and reliable source of power, even when renewable energy sources are intermittent.

**Benefits of AMOOVO Sand Battery**

Our sand battery technology offers a wide range of benefits that set it apart as a game-changer in the energy storage industry:

1. **Sustainability**: Sand is an abundant and environmentally friendly resource, making our technology a sustainable choice for energy storage.

2. **Cost-Effective**: Our sand battery systems are cost-effective to manufacture and maintain, making them accessible to a wide range of applications.

3. **Scalability**: AMOOVO sand battery technology can be scaled to meet the energy storage needs of various industries, from residential to industrial.

4. **Reliability**: With minimal degradation over time, our sand battery systems provide long-lasting, dependable energy storage.

5. **Grid Stabilization**: Our technology contributes to grid stability by balancing supply and demand, reducing the need for fossil fuel-based backup power.


AMOOVO's sand battery technology has a wide range of applications, including:

- Residential Energy Storage

- Grid-Level Energy Storage

- Renewable Energy Integration

- Industrial Process Heat

- Remote Off-Grid Power

**Join the Energy Revolution**

At AMOOVO, we are committed to leading the charge towards a sustainable energy future. Our sand battery technology represents a pivotal step in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and mitigating climate change.

Join us on this exciting journey towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable world. Together, we can harness the power of sand to create a brighter future for generations to come. Explore the possibilities with AMOOVO and be a part of the energy revolution.

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