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Revolutionary News: AMOOVO Unveils Three Innovative Products to Revolutionize Energy

October 17, 2023 - AMOOVO, a leading global player in sustainable energy, takes a momentous stride towards a cleaner, more efficient energy future with the introduction of three groundbreaking products aimed at reshaping the way we store and utilize energy.

  1. Immersion Storage Batteries for Homes

AMOOVO presents its inaugural revolutionary innovation: immersion storage batteries for households. Tailored for residential use, these batteries provide an ingenious solution for home energy storage. The system employs a special coolant immersion technology to store surplus electricity generated by solar panels or sourced from the power grid. This empowers homeowners to optimize their utilization of renewable energy, trim down their electricity bills, and contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.

  1. Megawatt Tower Battery for the Industrial Sector

The Megawatt Tower Battery is a state-of-the-art energy storage solution catering to industrial applications. It's engineered to meet the colossal energy requirements of industrial facilities, factories, and enterprises. This storage tower boasts substantial capacity, capable of storing multiple megawatt hours of electricity. It enables industries to even out their electricity consumption, curtail costs associated with peak demand, and ensure a steady power supply, even during network disruptions.

  1. Sand Battery for Large Communities

The AMOOVO Sand Battery is the answer to the energy storage needs of extensive communities, residential zones, shopping centers, and educational institutions. This cutting-edge technology employs a blend of sand and specialized materials to store energy on a large scale. It offers impressive storage capabilities and can harness energy from renewable sources like solar and wind to cater to the energy requirements of communities.

These three groundbreaking products from AMOOVO represent a significant advancement in the realm of energy storage, paving the way for more effective utilization of renewable energy sources and a global reduction in carbon emissions. The company is dedicated to shaping a more sustainable and eco-friendly future for households, industries, and larger communities through these innovative technologies.

For additional information on these products or to learn more about AMOOVO, please visit their official website at

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